Friday, October 31, 2008

riley and mr. burton have a cup of tea.

This weekend my younger cousin, Kai, has a tennis tournament, and we have to dog-sit Riley. I love Riley Boy ever so much! He may be the world's laziest dog, but I adore him. He does not bark for anything! A burglar could break in and Riley would sniff his feet then be on his way. Riley will seldom play with anyone. It takes quite a bit to get him all rilled up. He is a rather silly doggie, but i love him. i am excited that he gets to spend the weekend with us.

Halloween is today! Sadly, I have no plans. Hopefully my friend Monique will get back to me with her plans soon. Even if she does, I have no costume. I have an idea but the dress I need is at my mum's house. Curses! Halloween is my favourite holiday and I have nothing to do. Well tomorrow, Emily and I might watch Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd. I am eagerly awaiting that! I adore Mr. Todd. Johnny Depp did a grand job portraying Mr. Todd. And Tim Burton is pure GENIUS! I'm thinking that a trip to Hasting's this evening is in order. I need to pick up Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. 'Tis a lovely film. It really grabs my heart. That may be an odd thing to say, but I will say it anyway. Even if I am stuck at home this evening, I will have Mr. Todd and Jack to keep me company.


Ashley said...

Thanks for your wonderful comments! And I'm sooo in love with Jack the Pumpkin King! He's hawt.

Amanda said...

Aw, Riley looks cute! And laid-back dogs are good, trust me, heh heh. Rascal's little barking tangents can get quite annoying. ;P

I'm not doing anything today either...or for the rest of the weekend, for that matter. Haha. Sweeny Todd looked good, but I haven't seen it, due to the blood involved. lol :P I do like Tim Burton though; he is a good director.

Well, hope you have a happy halloween anyway!! Try not to get into any trouble ;)


dear prudence said...

Ashley: You are quite welcome my dear. Oh, I know. Sally is a very lucky lady.

Amanda: Haha, yes he is a good dog. Oh, Rascal is a...rascal, heh. He is a good dog as well.

Hm you have no plans..well if Emily can come watch movies, you think you would be down for it as well? Sweeney is a grand movie, yes it is bloody though. heh heh. Mr Burton is an excellent director.

And a Happy Halloween to you as well! Staying out of trouble is my main reason for not having any plans...heh heh.