Sunday, June 28, 2009


I feel like, "a old-fashioned loved song." Indeed, not sure how to explain this. I just feel free, light and at peace. Though Life is on the crazy side. Money is sparse. I have just enough to get buy. (food, gas, and some to play with.) I need a real job; I want to move out by the early fall. I am hoping to do that. I need to get my paperwork done for school.

But despite everything I need to do and everything I want to do. I am at peace. I am sadly happy. I am just feel...alive. And its a good feeling. No, a grand feeling.

"Just an old-fashioned love song playin' on the radio
And wrapped around the music is the sound
Of someone promising they'll never go
You swear you've heard it before
As it slowly rambles on and on
No need in bringin' `em back,
`Cause they're never really gone

Just an old-fashioned love song
One I'm sure they wrote for you and me
Just an old-fashioned love song
Comin' down in 3-part harmony"

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Wow, its been a long time since I last posted. Sorry about that. (Not sure anyone really reads this or not, heh.) Well, Life is really an adventure. Lots of things have happened in the past weeks. Some of those events I will not share with the Internet world, or the real world for that matter. Somethings are best kept to oneself.

On the 9th was my 19th birthday. Its still hard for me to believe that I am now in my last year as a teenager. It is altogether wonderful and terrifying. To not be a teenager; what am I do to? Being a teen is all I've know for years, having to be an "adult" sounds so frightening and unpleasant. I know thinking that way is silly and childish. Everyone has to leave their teenage years behind, but that does not mean one has to lose their inner Child. I swear that I will never lose my inner Child. If I were to lose Her, I would lose a huge and vital piece of my identity and soul. I could not imagine what I would be like without my inner Child. Its a scary thought indeed.

Oh, and I spent my birthday with the most amazing guy in the whole world. My love James, He made my birthday absolutely wonderful and perfect.

Many feeling have also been going through my heart, mind and soul. But I do not wish to dwell on them at this time. I am still trying to cope with my most recent "breakdown" I suppose you could call it. I had a bad past few does of self loathing. But enough on that matter.