Monday, November 10, 2008

crazy times.

This past weekend was interesting to say the least. It all started Saturday night. Katherine and I planned on going to a pool hall. Two of our friends, Everett and Joel, met us there. The evening started out lovely. We played doubles, Joel and Katherine were on a team, and me and Everett were on a team. It was quite a humorous event. Everett put most of our teams balls in the pockets. I managed to sink two the entire evening. I am not a grand pool player, but I try my best. Joel went to pick up his younger brother, Luke. When they returned, the whole gang migrated to The Coffee Pot next door. The Coffee Pot has some of the best coffee in good ol' San Marcos. I bought my usual Vanilla Latte, it is heaven in a cup. Everyone bought their drink of choice, we had some interesting conversation. From the bathroom keys to Mr. Timmons' "Things are never what they appear" joke, and everything in between, it was lovely being able to sit with good friends and enjoy the night.

Leaving the Coffee Pot to venture to Calvary Chapel of the Springs is when the night took a horrid turn. Everett and I were in my car driving to the church when we were hit. Impact. Scream. Slide. When my car came to a stop, I was on the verge of panic. Tears welled up in my eyes, I was saying my favourite cuss word over and over, I was shaking, and having trouble breathing. I thank God we were not hurt and Everett was with me. Everett helped me keep my calm. Katherine, Joel and Luke came as soon as Everett told them what happened. I am very thankful I had wonderful friends with me. They all helped me greatly. Thank you.

The police arrived and swiftly started to evaluate the situation. There were three police cars and I believe five officers, I'm not sure why they needed so many. It took about an hour for the police to do their job, the whole time I was on the verge of tears. Again, I am glad everyone was there. In the end, I was held at fault for making an "illegal lane change," however I was not issued a ticket. Praise God!

My dad was not happy when I told him of the night's event. He was mad and disappointed with me. He has calmed down since then. Though he is still not happy. He has ordered the parts that are needed to fix my little car. Hopefully he will be able to start work on it this week.

On a brighter side, yesterday was my younger cousin Kayla's birthday! She turned three years old. The party was Dora the explorer themed. Kayla was so adorable and she really fancied the swings. Sadly, I was unable to stay for the whole party.

And on an even brighter side, my dear friend Willem will be home from Navy Basic training sometime at the end of the week. His mother told me last night he would be leaving Wednesday. If he comes by bus he will be here Friday, or if he comes by plane he will be here Thursday. I hope he has a safe and quick trip home. I miss him very much and I am very excited to see him.

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