Wednesday, November 19, 2008

walk a mile in my shoes.

walk a mile in my shoes., originally uploaded by tessie!.

The title says it all. So often people tell me, "I know how you feel." They say it because maybe they do, but more than likely they say it because they can not think of anything else to say. These people think that saying this to you, means something, that they have made you "feel better." When in all reality, I want to punch them in the face for saying those words. If that is all you can say to me, then please hld your tongue. I'd rather you be silent and sit by my side than say those empty words. Sometimes all a person needs is silence and to know you are there. At least, that is how I function. I do not need your flashy words, empty words or silly words. I just like knowing you are there. Silence, a hug, a smile means more then your words. But if you really do have a profound statement to share, then go ahead. Hopefully, my heart will listen.

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Amanda said...

Sympathizing with someone is one thing; empathizing is another.

It is hard sometimes to talk to someone when they are hurting; oftentimes the moments when you want to be there for someone you care about is the moment when your heart just doesn't have the right words to say.

I can be honest when I tell you that if I say, "I know how you feel," I am not lying. While it may not take the pain away, it does reminds us that we are not alone in this world. And if we're not alone, then we can make it through the pain together :)