Thursday, November 20, 2008


I get all dolled up. I fix my hair until I am satisfied with how it looks. I apply make-up to my face. I dress myself in my favourite articles of clothing. I choose my attire based on my mood. If I am feeling girly, perhaps a dress is what I'll wear. Since this time of year is my favourite, often I will not be without a sweater, hat or scarf. When I am all dolled up, the world may view me as beautiful. But I do not feel beautiful.

My hair is a mess. My face is red. My clothes are sweaty. I am on the court. I may not be the best basketball player, but I love to play. When I am sweaty from playing, the world may not view me as beautiful. But I feel alive. To feel alive is beautiful.

My face is bare. No make-up. My hair is wet. Wavy, stuck to my face, not straight. I have a towel wrapped around me. I just got out of the shower. When I am bare and average, the world may not view me as beautiful. But I feel refreshed. To feel refreshed is beautiful.

When the world may not view me as beautiful, that is when I feel different than the world. When I feel different, I feel like myself. When the world rejects me, I feel found. When the world calls me ugly, I feel beautiful.

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Amanda said...

Beautiful post, Tessie! And I mean that in every good-sense of the word ;)

Very inspiring. I think all of us, especially girls, can learn from your example and apply it to our own lives.

I mean, what does it mean to truly feel beautiful? For me, it's definitely not getting dolled up or wearing a dress. For me, it's when someone I care about deeply is there for me, telling me that they love me for just me; my heart, my spirit. That's when I feel beautiful.

Unfortunately, that doesn't happen very often, lol. But, it's amazing how it has nothing to do with the world's definition of the word.

Then again, we are told: "Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." :)