Saturday, November 22, 2008

adventures of babysitting.

Tonight is my first night babysitting the Jaso children. They are pretty awesome. Christian is the oldest at nine years of age; he is very helpful to have around. Micah is the middle child at seven years; he is crazy but manageable. Then there is Jamie, the youngest at two years; she is adorable and loves to mimic Micah. The Jaso's live in a small town somewhat near my own. I had a little trouble finding their house in the night, but I managed to not become to lost. That fact is something I am proud of. 

I have to admit, though I know this family, I was nervous about tonight. So far my nervousness as been proven to be a silly thing. There were some small fights between the brothers, but nothing to alert the coastguard about. All of us watched Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker on Cartoon Network. The film was nothing like the original Batman, but it had its good qualities. During the film, Jamie came and cuddled up against my arm. I found this rather adorable, but soon after she bit my arm. She did not hurt me, and I had to stifle my laughter. After biting me, she ran off to annoy Micah. 

Before the movie had ended Baby Jamie's bedtime came about, this is when the real fun began. Poor thing, she sounded as if being dress for bed was worse then burning at the stake. Although she was crying, she did not put up much of a fight. She allowed me to change her diaper and clothes with little effort, but she did cry. Her brother Micah accompanied her through the "terrible"  ordeal. She was asleep in no time at all. Silly little girl, all those tears wasted. Jamie is a silly girl, though I suppose all children dislike having to go to bed while the "grown ups" stay up. 

It was rather obvious around 9:30 that the boys were growing tired, but they fought it. At around ten their weariness was to great and they staggered off to bed. Even as I typed this I can hear Star Wars: The Clone Wars streaming from their room. Christian is still awake and trying to fight off sleep.

 I will end this post now and urge Christian to get some well needed sleep.

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