Monday, May 4, 2009

babysitting days.

Well at the moment I am babysitting my little three-year old cousin Kayla. She is happily watching Max & Ruby on Nick Jr. She is a silly little thing; I do enjoying taking care of her. She can be quite a handful at times. But are not all young children a joyful pain. Chuckle. I do love her so. It is interesting watching her and her little mannerisms. She is a unique girl. She enjoys playing with her Easter eggs more then the candy that was in them. Which was no doubt eaten by her parents or older brother. Aw, Kayla is so very tired, but she persists to fight off her sleep as long as possible. I wish she would take a nap. She so desperately needs one.

On another note, the screen on my phone is all messed up. I can not see anything. It is such a nuisance. I am unable to see text messages. Oh well, hopefully, my replacement phone will be in Wednesday. Then my life will go back to "normal." I find it sad how my life is slightly annoyed by the loss of my cell phone's screen. I think these next couple days without a screen will be good for me. I do not need to use it all the time. Though it makes connecting with my family and friends difficulty. I will be happy to have a working phone again, but in the mean time, I will make the best of this situation.

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