Tuesday, October 7, 2008

the start of something new?

Today is a lovely day to be in Central Texas! The weather outside is just marvelous. Not too hot, not to cold. Just right. If you live in the area, a trip outside would be a capital idea. Even if you just walk to the mailbox, it will be a walk well spent in this lovely weather. Oh, how I wish the wireless internet was set up! If it was, I would be sitting outside typing this post. Alas, I am stuck indoors. Today was a some what productive day. I ventured near Texas State and put up with the college students. I did this because i needed to satisfy the craving I had for a Tripple Cheese Wich from Which Which. If you have not been to Which Wich, i highly recomend it. Well, i went to Which Wich and purchased my Wich. I could not resist the lovely weather, therefore I went out to the pourch and ate my lunch. I was not alone. There was a young college girl and an older man also enjoying the weather. They seemed like neat people though I did not exchange words with them.

After leaving Which Wich, I went to CenturyTel to inquire about a job opening. Apparently I must apply for the job online which i have already done. Hooray! The kind lady working the window at the Costumer Service window told me that the job would be available until tomorrow. Tomorrow I will find out if I have the job then training will begin on the 20th. Oh, I hope I recieve this job! The odds are against me, but you never know. I just might be the type they are looking for.

Yes, today has been a grand day, but the day is not over! Later this evening I will be going to a friend's house for the second video of The Truth Project which is a series on developing a Christian Worldview. I must say the first video was rather dull, but I am told it gets better. Hopefully that is true. Perhaps later I will give a more detailed explaniation of the series.


Amanda said...

Sounds like a fun day!
And you're right; it is lovely outside! Though, I have only ventured as far as the front porch today, since I have been consumed with my school work. Grr. No worries though, I think I'll take a walk after this :)

I hope you get the job at Centurytel! I'll be praying about it. Remember, everything happens for a reason. So, even if you don't get it, there may be something else in store for you ;)

Let us know how the Truth Project goes tonight! ;)

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

which whic sounds good, I wonder if they have it in Canada? Well, I'm just looking around here and ended up on your blog, I'm trying to make some connection with other people so yeah =)

*added you*