Wednesday, November 12, 2008

oh the joys of life.

Well, today I went to my grandma's house to babysit. It was interesting. My mum was there for a bit which was helpful. We had to take care of Kayla, Elias and Darrin. My mum had to leave to take Kayla to speech therapy; I was left with Elias and Darrin. Evin was dropped off by the school bus. Evin helped me keep an eye on Elias. I believe that I did not put down Darrin for two hours, and I have a sore arm to prove it. The poor little guy was crying. I gave him a bottle which calmed him down while the bottle lasted. Then the crying began again. He burped and spit up, and did all the things babies do. I decided I would check his diaper that's when the real fun started. He had a messy diaper. I took it off and began to clean him. Only, he was not quite finish. Pee went everywhere! I covered him back up with the diaper just a tad to late. The bed and his clothes were wet. I asked him, "Darrin, you silly little guy, are you finished now?" To which he respond with a grin and a laugh. "Oh Darrin, you're lucky I love you," I laughed in reply.

As a nice surprise, my aunt Helen arrived to pick up Evin and Elias. I told her about my "adventure" with Darrin. She found it rather humours. After they left, Darrin was calm for a bit. He would not allow me to sit down. I carried him around the house. I heard a car door outside. Then Grandma and Grandpa came in! As much as I love my baby cousin, I was glad to see Grandma. I told her about Darrin, she also found it humorous.

And that is my story for the day. Quite an event. My shirt smelled of thrown up formula, and my arm is very sore. However, it was all worth it. Darrin is a joyful hand full, and I love him very much. Taking care of him today, gave me a small glimpse at what it will be like when I have my own children. I pray I will be a good mother.

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