Wednesday, December 3, 2008

is it worth it?

I have been waiting patiently for awhile now. Lately, I have begun to wonder, "Is it worth it?" I have this friend that I am very fond of, and he knows about my feelings. I believe that he returns my feelings. He just has an odd way of showing it. I understand that he may be shy when it comes to certain things. I understand that he is busy working. I do not expect him to spend all his free time with me. But I would like to see him. I have not seen him in about two months. He went away for awhile, and he returned home about three weeks ago. I have yet to see him. It's not due to a lack of planning. We have made plans, but something always comes up on his end. Either he has been called elsewhere or he is too tired, it is starting to get old. It was like this as well before he left. I was hopeing upon his return things would be different. When he left, it was aparent that there was "something there" between us. But lately, I have begun to question that. He tells me that he wants to see me, but his actions seem to prove otherwise. I wonder if he really wants to see me. I want to believe that this waiting will amount to something, and that all this will prove to be worth it. Though, it becomes harder to wait with each passing day...

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