Monday, December 1, 2008


Its hard for me to believe that a new month is starting. Where did November go? I also find it hard to believe that another month of blogging has gone by. The experiences I had in November were extraordinary, and some I have yet to see how they will affect my life.

December is by far my favourite month of the year. I adore everything about this month. The cold weather. Sights and Sounds of Christmas, which is coming up this weekend. The hazy skies and the crisp clear skies. Christmas Day. I love spending time with the ones I love, and remembering that God has given us the greatest gift, His son Jesus Christ. I must admit, I do enjoy the giving and receiving of presents as well. New Year's Eve. I love this day. It allows me time to reflect on the past year, and everything it holds. And it makes me wonder, how I will change or remain the same in the coming year.

Yes, this month will be interesting in its own unique way. I am eagerly waiting the new trails and experiences it holds. I am also excited to share those events with you, the people of the world, my friends, my family, and whomever stumbles across this little blog.

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