Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Oh Happy Day!! I am thoroughly enjoying the lovely weather that my little city is having! It is cold and grey. A dear friend of mine described the cold perfectly, "a fitting temperature for final days of the year." I could not agree more. Winter is absolutely my favourite time of the year. There is nothing more lovely then warm jackets, scarfs, hats, gloves, cozy fires, and amazing company.

When it cold out, all I need is warmth. I chuckle to myself at that statement. Seems quite obvious that I would need nothing but warmth, but warmth from fires and heaters is not all that I am referring to. I need warmth, the warmth from a friend (not body heat only.) The warmth of friendship, of love. The warmth of having a deep connection to the person sitting next to me. Having someone near when the sky is grey and foreboding is so completely comforting. Having friends close by as the year comes to an end and new beginnings arise is riveting. Knowing even though the earth is cold, your heart is warm with the love for friends and family is absolutely marvelous. I can not think of a more spectacular way to end.

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