Thursday, December 18, 2008

its the most wonderful time...

...of the year!!

Ah, Christmas is a week from today. I can hardly believe it. Today, my dear friend Amanda and I headed to the Outlet Mall to get some last minute shopping done. By the time Amanda arrived at the Mall, I had bought all my gifts. Unfortunately, Amanda was present while I was purchasing her gift. Oh well, she will enjoy it anyway! Ha ha. It was a lovely day in my opinion. Overcast, grey, rainy and with a eerie fog about. It was delightful to walk about in. I am thoroughly pleased with the gifts I have bought for my friends and family. But, oh my!! Men are so hard to shop for. I still need to buy my papa and Willem's gifts. I have no idea what to get for them. I would cop-out for a tie, but Papa does not wear ties. He does not fit the "typical father" mold. Damn, sometimes I really wish he did. Willem on the other hand does not fit the "typical anything" mold. Oh, that boy. How I adore him. I am planing a trip to Half-price Books for tomorrow. Hopefully, I can find something for those men there. If not, then I will search Hastings. I have to find them something wonderful. Especially, Papa. He may not be the best father in the world, but he is my father. And having him around is all I ask for, and I am thankful to have him.

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