Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas time.

Well Christmas was on Thursday. I love Christmas. There is something in the air around Christmas that just makes everything seem perfect. Even though deep inside I know my world will always be far from perfect. Regardless, I still had a marvelous Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, we went over to my aunt Nani's house for dinner. She is an excellent cook! We had ham as the main dish. Corn, green beans, yams, and mashed potatoes were the sides. And there were what seemed as endless sweets for dessert. It was a lovely dinner. Most of my family was present, minus the San Antonio Clan. My father and I did not stay long for we both had other activities to tend to. My father was eager to head home to watch the Noter Dame football game. And I was looking forward to spending the evening with Willem.

When Willem arrived, we headed to my room to watch Wall-E. I had not seen it before. Oh man, if you have not seen this film, I highly suggest you do! I fell in love with Wall-E ten minutes into the film. Spending time with Willem was the highlight of my Christmas Eve. Unfortunately his gift had not come in yet, therefore I was unable to give it to him. The silly boy had also misplaced my gift somewhere in his room. We will just have to exchange gifts at a later time. Oh well, it is a good excuse to see him again. (heehee.)

Christmas Day was different but it was still wonderful. My San Antonio cousins were not with us this year. I was sad not being able to see them, but they are coming over tomorrow which is lovely. Besides that, Christmas morning went normally. We waited for Nani and her family to arrive before we opened our gifts. Needless to say, I was anxious for their arrival; my father allowed me to open one gift before they came. That helped me calm down a bit. I really am such a little kid when it come to festivities like these. I feel no shame in this fact though.

After opening gifts and having a tamale breakfast, Nani and her family left to get ready to head down to San Antonio to see Great Grandma and everyone else. I was unable to go to San Antonio with everyone because I had made plans to head over to my mum's house. Holidays are always confusing and can have drama because of the divorce, but I have learned to deal with it.

Upon arriving at my mum's house, I was bombarded by my cousins, Leah and Jade. I was very excited to see them both. Since I graduated and moved in with my dad, I hardly see Leah anymore. And I can not remember the last time I saw Jade. Perhaps, last Christmas? Needless to say it was wonderful being able to spend time with them. When I was finally able to go inside my mum's house I was bombarded once again with Hello's and Merry Christmas's from all over the room. I was unsure of who was talking to me since there were people and voices everywhere. I believe there may have been some relatives that i never did say hello to. Which is sad but sometimes it can not be helped when we have our Mexican Chaos everywhere.

It is tradition that on Christmas we all go see various movies. Some of my cousins and I went to see Valkyrie. That was an excellent film, regardless of the fact that we were in the very first row! I was amazed by how many people I saw at the Starplex. Kristi and her mom, then later I saw her brother, Levi. Daniel, my old basketball coach was there also seeing Valkyrie. I also saw Sean, poor guy, he had to work at the Starplex. But he was in high spirits which is good.

All in all, Christmas was interesting but all together exciting! This was a wonderful way to start the end of the year. I am thoroughly excited and afraid of what the future may hold. The unknown is wonderfully terrifying.

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