Friday, January 2, 2009

new year.

Well it's a whole new year. At the moment, I do not feel much like writing. My dear hamster, Bartholomew, is missing. Last night he escaped his cage. Now he is loose in the house. I can not find him anywhere. I think he might be asleep somewhere. I pray that he is safe.

Later, when I feel a little better about this ordeal, I will write a much more informant post. I still have not written my New Year's Resolutions. This will be the first year I make some, and I do plan on trying my hardest to keep them. I do believe this will be a grand challenge for myself. Once I have written them down, I will post them here. My reason for this is to have some sort of "accountability." Even if no one reads them, even if no one really cares about what I am doing, knowing that I have posted them here for the world to see will help me have the drive to accomplish them.

People of the world, I do hope that all of  you had a safe and happy New Year. Also, I pray that you all will have wonderful adventures, learn from your mistakes, live on a prayer, and keep your resolutions.

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