Thursday, August 6, 2009

Prayers for a friend.

This evening I received terrible news about a dear friend of mine. I have known him for quite sometime. I have a few grand childhood memories of him. I have many high school memories with him; we also graduated together. I treasure every memory we share, him and our friend Katherine. The three of us share so many memories. From one of her birthday at the Sunset Bowling Alley (I can't remember if it was her 6th or 7th) to the cruise we went on several years ago. And of course our years spent in high school. The news came as a shock but some how I had this fear and dread that I would one day have it delivered to me.

From Katherine via text message: Hey guys. Today Tim Wilhelm dove into the river and hit his head. He is in the emergency surgery right now. He broke his skull and has bleeding on the brain and he broke his neck. So please send a prayer up for him! Please. He has been in surgery for 4 hours now...

I read this over and over. Trying to take it in. It was a huge shock and yet I always had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that one day I would hear something like this. Tim was diagnosed as an epileptic. This may have had an effect on this terrible accident. I do not know all the details so I am unsure as to what all happened. All I know is that one of my dear friends that I love is badly, badly hurt and is in need of prayer. This is in God's hands, only He has the power to heal Timmy. I pray that Timmy will be brought through this and will be the same Timmy that I and so many others know and love. My heart is breaking in my chest for him and his family. I pray that they feel God's love and peace surround them. He will bring them through this horrid experience.

Please, whoever may be reading this, please pray for my friend. Please pray that he will make it through this. Please pray for the doctors. Please send Timmy and his family and friends prayers and good thoughts.

Update: I just got word that he is out of surgery, but they will not know if he has brain damage or is paralyzed until he wakes up. Please continue to pray for him.

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